AJS Production department

AJS ventilation manufacture all kinds of sheet metal solutions as well as a comprehensive range of forging tasks and we strive to deliver first class craft. Furthermore, we have during the years specialized in manufacturing products for special assignments and providing all operations from measuring and design of products to production and assembling.

Our smiths and crafts men manufacture products in materials such as e.g.:

  • Galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Zinc
  • Aluminium
  • Black Steel

Our sheet metal department manufactures among others:

  • Rectangular ducts and all sorts of fittings
  • Standard extractor hoods for minor or industrial kitchens
  • Specially designed extractor hoods of all measuring
  • Air supply fittings for extractor hoods
  • Grates
  • Outdoor air supply fusers/exhauster futers
  • Displacement armatures
  • Telescopic pipes for adjustable furniture such as e.g. fume cupboards

Our forge department manufactures among others:

  • Rectangular pipes and all kinds of moulded pieces for among others naval and other industries
  • Outside grates
  • Steel constructions for among others engine room walls
  • Steel consoles
  • Steel platforms

Custom made air handling units

  • Specialized in high humidity conditions
  • Available with cooling unit