Danish Technological Institute

Cool Ceiling is the solution to stringent requirements for standards of cleanliness and a good indoor environment

Danish Technological Institute in Taastrup is a recurrent AJS ventilation customer and, when the institute was to refurbish its laboratories, engaging us to provide an extraction solution was the obvious choice. The Cool Ceiling climate ceiling was installed.

The stringent requirements for the indoor environment of laboratories depend on what is being produced and, in the construction of these new laboratories, the installation of radiators was not an option due to stringent requirements for standards of cleanliness. Therefore, AJS ventilation´s Cool Ceiling was the optimum solution.

Cool Ceiling is a ceiling system, which reduces floor height and construction time and provides a better overall economy. The solution is installed above ceiling level and eliminates the need to install ducts for air supply fittings. In the Taastrup laboratories, the task of Cool Ceiling was to both cool off the ceiling in the summer and to also warm it up in the winter.

Installing radiators in the laboratories of Teknologisk Institut thus became superfluous as did the installation of any other ventilation. Cool Ceiling handles both.

AJS ventilation provided a solution which complied with all requirements for cleanliness while simultaneously creating an indoor environment which was suitable for a workplace.