Behind the scene

This is us....

AJS ventilation is a joint venture owned by ABG Interlinks Ltd. and JS ventilation a/s.

It´s a partnership accompanied by Danish know how and Bengali competencies.

ABG Interlinks Ltd. and JS ventilation a/s

As of today, the market of professional ventilation and cooling is depending on foreign interaction on all accounts. JS ventilation has seen exactly this turning point as the real business. Export of ventilation solutions and systems from Denmark to Bangladesh is not a long term business opportunity.

Transferring technical assistance and training from Denmark to Bangladesh and setting up a joint business project with ABG Interlinks Ltd. is a business project with a completely different set of far reaching prospects.

ABG Interlinks Ltd. and JS ventilation´s partnership, is offering a fresh and very focused approach to the market of ventilation equipment. Dedication to this project is apparent and the single most important factor for a good start, communication is working out splendidly between both partners. Coherent, precise and immediate are characteristics for the interaction between both companies.

Together as AJS – ventilation

Leading local supplier of energy efficient industrial ventilation and cooling systems in Bangladesh”.

  • Accomplished

Mission I:
Establishment of a professional ventilation manufacturing and assembly unit in Bangladesh;

  • Accomplished

Mission II:
Local market supply towards users of ventilation and cooling technology;

  • Accomplished


The Danida project

Danida is the term used for Denmark’s development cooperation, which is an area of activity under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

Denmark contributes to reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by engaging the private sector in development cooperation. Business and investors have knowledge, technology and capital that can contribute to sustainable development. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs develops and supports partnerships between business, government and civil society, which would otherwise not take place. We cooperate with international organisations and partners to ensure a better framework for growth and employment in developing countries.