Health sector

Safety and excellent hygienic working environment at the hospitals

Operating theatres with ultimate safety
An efficient ventilation system is one of most important tools to ensure sterile environments, such as operating theatres, against bacteria and particulates. Ventilation systems must prevent infections during surgery. Obviously, it is of utmost importance, that the system solutions are properly designed.

Staff protection in laboratories

In laboratories the primary focus is to protect staff from injurious effects during work. The most important part of the solution is process ventilation such as fume cupboards, safety cabinets and local extraction. It is important, that the pressure conditions amongst the rooms are appropriately designed and regulated in order to prevent dissemination of harmful substances and bacteria. In practice, the system is equipped with alarms activating both light- and sound signal if exceeding a predefined limit value or in case of operational deviations thus ensuring a safe working environment.

Energy management ensures cost reductions

How to proceedNowadays, hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry have a huge energy consumption. A significant part of this consumption is used for ventilation, heating and air cooling. AJS ventilation provide an optimised energy management report containing all relevant solutions.