Business areas

Benefit from our expertise covering 10 important business areas

In several cases we have delivered a solution identical with the challenges of your company

When you look for a thoroughly elaborated, operational secure and energy efficient ventilation solution for your company the solution most likely already exists! AJS ventilation’s know-how covers so widely, that in many cases we have developed, supplied and serviced the type of installation you need.

What makes the difference? Ask AJS ventilation!

These are AJS ventilation’s business areas and the characteristics of our solutions:

  • Health: Operating theatres, laboratories etc. in hospitals
  • Industry: Efficient protection of both staff and products
  • Research: Solutions for laboratories such as e.g. clean room technologies
  • Trades: Demand controlled installations with flexible operations e.g. during off-peak hours
  • Housing: Focus on the healthy indoor environment
  • Concert Halls and auditoriums: Low sound level and comfort for the audience
  • Schools and institutions: Healthy indoor environment ensuring well-being and learning
  • Industrial kitchens: Optimal hygiene and fresh air at work
  • Garages: Control of work environment and critical substances
  • Parking facilities: Automatic air measuring, low costs
  • Sports- and leisure facilities: Ensures healthy indoor environment