Schools and institutions

Schools with perfect indoor environment enhance learning

The well-known method of opening windows has only limited effect – and leads to a more costly energy bill

The use of natural ventilation, where the windows of the class rooms are opened at least once an hour will seldom solve the problem of ensuring sufficient volumes of fresh air.

At present there is, as never before focus on learning. The indoor environment’s importance for success leads continuously more schools and institutions to choose a genuine ventilation system.

Schools with ventilation systems experience, that they can better manage the huge amounts of increasing quantities of heath and CO2 from pupils and computers in the class rooms. Open windows is an excellent supplement. However, it does not only cause inconvenience during winter, when it is cold, it may also cause additional inconveniences, if the school is located in areas of much noise or pollution.

Ventilation solutions saving energy

Danish schools and institutions are characterized by a significant energy consumption. There are several opportunities to reduce this consumption e.g. by installing a ventilation system with heath converters exploiting the energy of the warm extracted air.

JS ventilation recommend an individual management of the ventilation. Partly by allowing manual turn on/switch off in each class room, and partly by installing room sensors which automatically turn off the ventilation in the rooms not used. The result is significant savings!