Sticks ´n´ Sushi


When Sticks and Sushi wanted to open a restaurant in the old Amager powder magazine, Krudthuset, it was a not altogether unproblematic project – however, this changed with the assistance of AJS ventilation.

As is the case for any restaurant, the air discharged from the ventilation system would be heavy with smells of cooking. However, because the building is listed, it was not possible to build extractor cowls on the roof through which the cooking smells could be discharged. AJS ventilation thus proposed a solution which meant that the air would be discharged in a shed behind the restaurant. At the same time, ozone was added to the air because it was discharged near the ground. This contributed to removing the smell and grease of food production from the air, thus ensuring that it was no nuisance to the neighbours.

As the building is listed, it was not possible to construct a general ventilation system and, so, the project called for creative solutions.

 AJS ventilation collaborated with the architect in designing a ventilation system which could be architecturally integrated in the fixtures and fittings. The challenge was to provide ventilation to the restaurant without it being visible, which was achieved by using the base of the bars as air supply fittings. Moreover, all ducts in the restaurant were installed underground.

Sticks and Sushi thus had its restaurant established in a listed building and was provided with a solution to a problem which, at first, appeared insurmountable, and the solution was provided by AJS ventilation.