Bella Center

The two white towers that tower over Copenhagen are unmistakable: This is the location of Bella Center Copenhagen. However, the building is more than just a modern construction in the Amager area. It is a venue of long working days, important meetings and significant contracts as well as the workplace of a lot of people. It is, therefore, paramount that the indoor environment can keep pace.

AJS ventilation was granted the contract when Bella Center Copenhagen, the largest exhibition and congress centre in Scandinavia, needed a new ventilation system. Office space covering 300-400 m2 was to have a new ventilation system and the solution was the Cool Ceiling climate ceiling.

Cool Ceiling is a ceiling system, which reduces floor height and construction time and provides a better overall economy. The solution creates a pressure chamber above the ceiling which eliminates the need for traditional ventilation ducts. The cavity created between the climate ceiling and the floor above, and which normally contains ducts for air supply fittings, is used in a new and space-saving manner.

Apart from Cool Ceiling, AJS ventilation installed fan coil units above the ceiling. The existing ventilation system was left in place to continue handling the fresh air supply by keeping down the Co2. The new fan coil units could then handle the rest of the air supply needed for cooling.

In other words, AJS ventilation used Cool Ceiling and fan coil units to provide the solution which best suited the requirements of Bella Center Copenhagen for ensuring office areas with a good indoor environment.